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Creating effective collaboration in the remote working organization

Service Desks are dealing with unprecedented levels of requests to deliver and support services, while maintaining the flow of information and knowledge to ensure that teams can cope with the spike in demand.

Your team must lead; delivering new ways for your organization to work more effectively in today’s remote environments.

This paper provides you with concise, adoptable and practical actions to help your team drive collaboration. With a triple 5 approach the paper provides you with …

  • 5 key steps to deliver collaboration in a remote working environment
  • 5 best practice ways to avoid the pitfalls
  • 5 recommended deep dive reads

We didn’t appreciate the difference collaboration would make to our organisation. Our workload and responsibilities are much more visible, people are better informed and we’re working with greater transparency. Communication between our teams is so much sharper because of collaboration.

Shamaila Yousaf, Derby College

Are able to change the culture of our business. The product automates manual processes, frees agents to focus on value-add services, and introduces collaboration tools that break down barriers between functions and departments


Adding value to the business, suddenly makes IT look a whole lot better. We're not just delivering a service, we're a partner that’s enabling the business to work as effectively as it can.


Collaboration Benefits

Removes Process Friction

Collaboration breaks the linear approach, resolving issues faster, enabling work to be streamlined and leverage on-demand community expertise

Makes Knowledge Accessible

Collaboration encourages knowledge sharing, capturing, expanding and automatically distributing and sharing the knowledge for the benefit of the entire community.

Innovation Catalyst

Sharing of ideas coupled with a collaborative culture drives innovation enabling members to fully own their ideas, have them supported and contribute to others.

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