Escape Your Firefighting loop

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The role of service and support has never been more important for your organisation.

Even before the COVID outbreak research from HDI showed 61% of organisations were reporting an increase in the number of support requests and those requests were becoming more complex.

SDI research found that, on average, firefighting accounted for 63% of the service desk’s time. The financial case is compelling, as escaping your firefighting loop can drive resolution costs from £200 to £2 per ticket; critical a time when every business will be facing cost-containment measures across the board.

Our latest expert guide provides a detailed check list to reveal your firefighting issues, business impact and outlines eight practical steps that you can implement today to improve.

While we all adjust to the current changing events, this 15-minute read is designed to provide practical steps to reduce firefighting across your support teams.

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Vinci Construction

Enterprise Service Management without the overhead. Learn why Vinci chose Hornbill over ServiceNow, Fresh Service and East Vista.

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Hampshire Fire

Seamless provision across >50 sites with ease of management across all assets, documents and service requests at cost less than legacy solution.

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