Essential considerations before selecting your next Service Desk Solution

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Service expectations are accelerating. Compression on budgets & headcount continues to increase. Delivering service outside of IT is expanding. One thing is for certain. Your Service Desk needs to innovate in 2020.

But is your current solution holding you back? And if it is, what are the key things you need to consider making the next choice the right choice? As easy as 1, 2, 3? That would be simplifying things a little too much.

Our latest briefing guide offers practical advice for preparing to select a new service desk solution.

This 5-minute guide covers the 6 most common pitfalls to avoid, the 9 essential considerations when selecting a service desk tool and the 15 key elements you must build into your evaluation process.

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Victoria & Albert

A fantastic showcase of just how simple it is to move from a legacy tool to adopting Hornbill.

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Wessex Water

Highly sophisticated and agile processes with culture of constant improvement. Learn why Wessex Water chose Hornbill over ServiceNow, Cherwell and Microfocus.

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Vinci Construction

Enterprise Service Management without the overhead. Learn why Vinci chose Hornbill over ServiceNow, Fresh Service and East Vista.

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Hampshire Fire

Seamless provision across >50 sites with ease of management across all assets, documents and service requests at cost less than legacy solution.

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