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Product Demo: ITOM In Action

Speakers: Steve Boardman - Product Specialist, Hornbill

Tech has exploded with constant change in the last 15-20 years, but 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic have changed the service management landscape beyond recognition. The staggering rate of change has been the catalyst for an unprecedented 14-fold increase in digital transformation projects, as businesses move to react to the new and ever-changing challenges.

Amongst a plethora of differences in the workplace today, remote working has grown, service desk engagements have increased, and with the rate of human error in IT remaining around 30%, businesses need to adapt and accommodate this change or face being left behind and outpaced by competitors.

Technology is always improving, and if departments within businesses are moving with this, IT shouldn’t be left behind. Cited by McKinsey, the reality is just 30% of internal operations being digitally automated to date and fewer than 5% of organizations fully leveraging the opportunity to automate.  Accepting and accelerating this could change the course of IT drastically.

Join our Hornbill Product Specialist, Steve Boardman as he performs a deep dive into the key capabilities and innovations you need to enable you to level up your Service IT with ITOM.


  1. Why service Automation & Orchestration is fundamental to your success  

  2. How to identify the key blockers that prevent your team's improvement  

  3. Learn the 4 key strategies to level up your service performance 

  4. All of the must include figures you need to help build your investment case 


The edge indicators of those teams who do not invest in enabling change are already showing the stark reality. In both Q3 and Q4 2020, outsourcing of IT Service Desks grew by 60% each quarter, research by leading analysts highlight that 43% of board executives think they can outsource IT with no adverse effects.