Self-Service & Automation: Product Demo

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Self-Service & Automation: Product Demo

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Speakers: Patrick Bolger - Chief Evangelist, Hornbill
  Steven Boardman - Product Specialist, Hornbill

In this follow-up Product Demo session, Steve Boardman, Hornbill Product Specialist, will perform a deep dive into Self-Service and Automation. He will demonstrate key capabilities and innovations that will drive self-service adoption and automate repetitive tasks.

The pandemic has strained resources and budgets to breaking point. Old transformation strategies are untenable, leaving organisations at a critical turning point, as they navigate a path out of 2020’s quagmire. Self-Service and Automation are more important than ever, and their adoption is instrumental to your new strategy.

With industry adoption rates for Self-Service averaging a paltry figure of less than 10%, Hornbill customers are bucking this trend. With average adoption rates of 45%, many Hornbill customers have switched off phone and email as support channels, and Automation is saving thousands of hours on activities that IT no longer needs to touch.  


  1. Strategies to drive self-service adoption  
  2. Methods to automate repetitive tasks 
  3. Key innovations to transform your digital strategy 


Bucking the 10% industry average for Self-Service uptake, Hornbill customers are achieving adoption rates of 45%, switching off phone and email support channels, and with automation, saving thousands of hours on activities that IT no longer needs to touch.